I recently read Rule 34 and absolutely loved it, so I blew through Halting State, and now I'm about to finish Ready Player One (which is pretty good).

Now I have Robopocalypse, The Quantum Thief and Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom qued up in my phone (audio). (Which, I believe, are all "near future" but if not oh well).

Anyway, I realized I am really enjoying this whole "near future" sci fi thing. In fact, I started wondering if that wasn't partially why I loved Ender's Game so much (my top sci fi novel), because it's sci fi but in an easily recognizable future. I didn't particularly enjoy Hyperion, for example (well, I DID, but it took awhile and I had no urge to read the sequels) or Consider Phlebas, maybe because they were so difficult to get into, being such unrecognizable futures, with entire civilizations full of new technology/terminology/etc. to understand.

So. Best Near Future Sci Fi? Any recommendations? Any thoughts?