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    Looking for a good sci-fi book.

    I am new to this forum and I was wondering if could get some good suggestions on some books. I enjoy Computer Science and Physics very much in the real world so when it comes to my entertainment I enjoy sci-fi that is about dark science. I enjoy sci-fi about mad scientist and shows like "Fringe" where it is heavy in dark science. Does anyone have suggestions for some good reading in this area? thanks

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    There's a couple short stories in Ted Chiang's Stories of Your Life and Others that fit that description. Specifically Understand and Division by Zero come to mind. He's a technical writer in the Computer Science field so his style would probably appeal to you. I know I connected with them

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    Computer science, physics. Maybe these two (a novel split in two, a la Hyperion): Signal to Noise, and A Signal Shattered, by Eric S. Nylund. Highly rated, good reviews. Having read them I can add fascinating. Many hours of sleep were lost to my greater enjoyment.

    Part one:
    Jack Potter puts computer cryptography to work for the highest bidder: sometimes for private corporations, sometimes for the government. Sometimes the work is legal; if not, Jack simply raises his price. But one day, Jack discovers something cloaked in the hiss of background radiation streaming past the Earth from deep space: a message from an alien civilization. One that's eager to do business with humanity -- and its representative.

    Before he knows it, Jack has entered into a partnership that will open a Pandora's Box of potential profit and loss. The governments, the multinationals, and mysterious players more powerful still, all want a piece of the action -- and they're willing to kill, even wage war, to get it. Now Jack is entangled in a shifting web of deceit and intrigue in which no one, not even his closest friends, can be trusted. For Earth's cloak-and-dagger business practices are writ large in the heavens...and hostile takeovers are just as common across light years as they are across boardroom tables.
    Part two:
    The Earth is the graveyard of billions, thanks to mathematician and rogue cryptographer Jack Potter and the treacherous extraterrestrial creature known as Wheeler, Jack's one-time business partner in the trade of alien and human technologies. But Potter and a handful of others managed to escape the holocaust thanks to the miracle of teleportation. From the cold gray ruins of the Moon, the last pitiful remnants of the human race now stare down at the devastation that one of their diminished species unwittingly helped to bring about. Here at civilization's end, a beautiful Chinese mind assassin, a cold-blooded cybernetics genius, a DNA-manipulating "gene witch," and Jack himself stand at the threshold of a new day -- when accelerated evolution will open the door to the full achievement of human potential; when the epic saga of humanity will begin again and Jack will ultimately be redeemed...if he doesn't go insane first.

    But Wheeler is still out there -- and out to finish what he started. And this universe isn't big enough for Jack Potter to hide himself in.

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    Physics and computers in outer space.

    The Two Faces of Tomorrow by James P. Hogan


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