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    Is it possible to submit a site for consideration on the writers resource list?


    I've just had a post moved from the writing resources sticky to the promotion zone.

    I don't have any problem with that, I know how things are with spam, especially from new users.

    Is there any way to request inclusion? I wouldn't have posted the link if I didn't think that it's the kind of site that the thread is requesting.

    If the answer comes back, "no, we don't have time to read everyone's blog" or even "no, because we think the site looks ****", I'm fine with that (well, not fine, but you know what I mean )

    The site is -

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    The Promotion Zone is our new area for posts of that nature, Mat. Though we have had similar posts in Writing in the past, (pre-zone), the Promo Zone is the place for such posts at the moment and the staff who moved it have clearly decided that.


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    The post in question was within a resource site sticky which is very much active, which is why I asked. I hadn't started a thread.

    But anyway, thanks for your response and your time.

    I hope you can appreciate trying to promote a site honestly, and to the the right audience, and not being able to get a foot in the door because of all the mindless spam, has it's frustrations too.

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