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    I need a hand... What is the title of the book?

    I only joined up for this forum because the name of this book has been eating away at me for over a year. I will practically retype the entire story so, I hope you can help me out.

    Main Characters

    -Human/mostly human young male.
    - humans ( companion ) is a alien that is considered a lesser species because they are very obedient. Terrible at making decisions but great at following orders. Four main " arms " i believe.
    - Alien female scientist ( a part of the antagonists alien race ( both the female alien and he human male try to prevent war/conflict )

    - Military learder of a skeptical/hostile alien species.
    - Miliary leader of the humans/mostly humans race
    ( both military leaders resort to war over diplomacy, )

    Okay, before i try to recreate the whole of the story i will give the Main points i remember.

    Main female alien is a part of a race that undergoes a hibernation and upon wakeup are in a primal violent state. Takes only a couple minutes for the alien species to " wake " up and gain there sense.
    The females alien species is in a very werid and hard to describe symbiotic relationship with another alien race that lives on either the moon of the Antagonists planet or a planet that is near the main Antagonists aliens planet.
    Due to this relationship the Main female characters race decides to nuke/bomb/destroy/ the moon/planet by firing many missiles at the planet ( takes place before the book takes place ).

    And now the story!

    Main male human character ( MMHC ) is ordered to a solar system with his alien companion ( AC ) to asses the situation of a alien species that has been increasing its militarily capacity at a fast rate so the alien species is put under " observation " by the MMHC's governing force. The governing force has the scientific capability to use " wormholes/ teleportation " to be able to go to other solar systems. The preservation of this technology is the main reason for the violent alien species being put under observation. Upon arival of the MMHC and his AC in the solarsystem they go to a observation site on a nearby asteroid or possibly planet/moon. Now the book changes perspective to the Main female alien character ( MFAC ) and she wakes up in a primal state and tries to kill and eat an animal. Upon eating the animal she begins to regain higher mental function and realizes she is waking from hibernation ( also not on her planet but either on a ship or a space station ). Upon realizing this she leaves her " habitat " and is greeted by many of her species. She is told that being the head biologist she is woken up early from hibernation to examine two alien specimens that were captured by her government ( being the MMHC and his AC ).
    Now again the book changes perspective to the MMHC and his AC who decide to go scout the moon/planet that the MFAC's species bombed. upon arrival the MMHC and his AC are captured by the Antagonists alien species and put in confinment and transported to be observed/contacted/ by the MFAC. After capture of the two protagonists his governing force orders a large military spacecraft to the system to retrieve them by force if necessary. What ends up happening over about the next 100 pages is the two military commanders become more and more aggressive until the Main Alien commander orders his less militarily advanced ship to RAM the Main human military commanders ship. After this ramming a hand to hand/ person to alien/ combat situation ensues that involves the main ship being captured by the aliens. All of this during the MMHC his AC and the MFAC trying to resolve the situation diplomatically to prevent a violent altercation.

    I can not really remember how the book ends but i remember the MMHC going back to the moon that was nuked only to find out their is a weird alien species that is in a symbiotic relationship with the MFAC's species. Also the MMHC finds out that the universe is older/larger that was previously thought by going to an observatory that was made by the aliens on the nuked moon/planet.

    Please please please, if you have any thoughts or need any more info post back.

    I need all the help i can get.


    Edit: I remembered a little about the end of the story, the MMHC's governing military force decided that to protect themselves they needed to eliminate the violent alien species which involved a nuke type weapon put on the Main human military commanders ship that was put on a much smaller transport ship to be flown into the main aliens start to detonate and therefore kill all the aliens on the planet.
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    It is ages since I read it but would the book be Perseus Spur by Julian May? Some of the points that you make seem to gel with what I remember about it.

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    Sadly no, thanks for the help though.


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