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    Weird SF


    I'm looking for recommendations for unusual science fiction novels.

    For example, Hothouse by Brian Aldiss, which includes, among its many bizarre sights, giant spider-like vegetables that have spun their webs between the earth and the moon.

    Necessarily, scientific accuracy may have to take a back seat. The important thing is fantastic imagery.

    Please of your suggestions.

    Many thanks.

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    The first one that came to my mind is Meat, by Ian Watson. It's a weird novel, more fantasy than SF (but, as you say, to get really weird you often disregard science). I'll let the blurb speak for itself:
    When Saul and Diane save a wild rabbit from a hungry weasel in a quiet country lane, they inadvertently unleash the vengeance of a bloodthirsty, carnivorous force. Soon their sanity and their lives are at risk - as are the young people of a cell of the Animal Liberation Front with whom they join forces to learn the terrible secrets of their rural village. A visit to a battery chicken shed turns into an animal Auschwitz, where Saul is held prisoner. And a raid on a butcher's shop brings to murderous life a full size model of the meatman which, armed with a butcher's cleaver, goes hunting for blood and MEAT!

    You may also get a kick out of the novels in these lists:

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    A couple of Alan Dean Foster's original fiction (as opposed to media tie ins) come to mind.

    Anthropomorphic rabbits and the book includes a flip corner animation.

    A modern day human and a talking dog are kidnapped by Aliens to be sold as pets.

    Check our ADF's backlist. he's got some far out stuff.


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    An Alien Heat by Michael Moorcock

    Vurt by Jeff Noon

    The Dying Earth series by Jack Vance

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