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    Newby to Sci-Fi, help please

    I've never read any sci-fi and was wondering if I could get a list of great sci-fi books to check out.

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    I have no idea what you will regard as great.

    These are by Lois McMaster Bujold and she got at least 3 Hugo awards for them

    Falling Free 7/10
    Shards of Honor 6/10
    Barrayar 8/10
    The Warrior's Apprentice 5/10
    The Vor Game 7/10
    Cetaganda 6/10
    Brothers in Arms 7/10
    Mirror Dance 8/10
    Memory 8/10
    Komarr 9/10
    A Civil Campaign 9/10
    Diplomatic Immunity 8/10
    Cryoburn 7.5/10

    And you can read all of them free and legal.

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    There are always the classics. If you haven't read anything, you can start with some of the greats of sci-fi and figure out what exactly you like and go from there.

    Unless your likes are very different from most, a safe bet would be to find a book that is considered an all-time great by many in the sci-fi crowd and start there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gray View Post
    I've never read any sci-fi and was wondering if I could get a list of great sci-fi books to check out.
    Having no idea what you like, what kinds of stories/novels towards which you are drawn, or what you've read and enjoyed in the past makes this a somewhat difficult thing to do.

    On the other hand, I spent a bit of time the other day creating a brand new Recommendation Thread and stickied it atop the Science Fiction forum (with links to other threads at SFFWorld) that is fairly detailed. Have a look there and you may find some things that may potentially float your boat.

    The New and Improved Recommendation - Science Fiction

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    Check out Agent to the Stars. Basically Jerry McGuire with aliens, funny but a real and serious, if light, sci-fi story. Its too light to be considered a classic on this forum, but its well liked, and its Amazon ratings are fantastic (over 100 votes, mostly all 5 star).

    My wife had a negative impression of sci-fi, I got her to read Agent to the Stars as her first sci-fi and she really liked it.

    That is my safest recommendation without knowing what your looking for.

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