I have started watching this show and find myself torn. On one hand I hate it. On the other hand I keep watching. I want to know what happens. And yet, unless the show is being SUPER on the nose and plans to have no twists what-so-ever, I don't see how it can work or last.

The murder of this families daughter is only worth watching because of the fact that it's 'teased' that one of the family members is responsible for her death.

Here are the list of suspects and why, in my mind, they can't be the killer.

The Father: Cries like a blubbering baby when he finds out the news of his daughter's death. Which is expected if one DIDN'T kill their child. The reveal in episode two that he has the gardener go around tuning up peoples knees and **** is an obvious attempt to show that he's a bad guy... but writers... you showed him shocked and crying that his daughter was dead... HE WAS ALONE when he was crying. ALONE. No reason to lie to himself about being a murderer. So he is out.
The Big Brother: This guy is the 'obvious' guy because he was 'obviously guilty' for a murder 15 years ago. But OBVIOUSLY he didn't commit the last murder, nor this one. That's obvious to anyone watching by all the coy ****ing scenes we have to go through with him. He loved his sister. The moment anyone even hints that she could be killed and he's all "what?! you think someone killed her?" He wants to get to the bottom of it. This is obvious. Thus the obvious guy they are trying to paint as the villain can't be the killer.
The Daughter: Who thinks she's the dead girl's sister but is really her daughter is raising the pitchfork in search of her "sister's" killer. So she is out as a suspect.
The Playboy Brother: He's going on drug binges, and pushing fools around who even mention that his sister was a whore and what not. There is no reason he can't be the killer, other than the fact that he's portrayed as loving his sister more than the rest of them combined as he's shown in the light of the main character's love interest. One of them at least. But why then go on drunken escapades and hate the world and all that stuff if you're not devastated by her death... Ugh.
So who is left? The Drunkard Mother? She's had so little to do, I wouldn't be surprised if they pin it all on her. The creepy father probably impregnated the dead character, spawned "the daughter" and blah blah "the drunkard mother" hates them both for it?

And if it is revealed to be none of these characters? Fail on the writers part for making the whole show about one of them having killed her.

I don't know. This show can't outlive a season. It must either tell us who the murderer is or it will kill off all the viewers. Yet if it tells us... why then do we continue to watch? I guess once they tell us, then someone else must parish.