Watched a few over the holiday break:

The Skin I Live In - really enjoyed this, very dark, sometimes humorous, modern take on the Frankenstein story. Spanish director Almodovar can do no wrong lately with this his latest after other sublime movies such as Volver, Broken Embraces and Talk to Her.

The Ides of March - not a bad movie, well acted by Clooney and Gosling (who seems to be the latest flavour of the month, and has been pretty good so far), but I thought it was average overall. Probably also American politics is not the most inspiring of topics (personally) so the subject matter wasn't a great start.

Moneyball - quite a good movie even if you don't like baseball, though it was a fairly formula-driven underdog-proves-them-wrong movie

Kill List - now this was quite good, a genre-bending British movie about two hitmen doing some final jobs that go very strange. Not for the faint-hearted but well acted and a bit original for a change.

The Inbetweener Movie - have never seen the TV series, but this was a good bit of fun with a few genuinely funny bits (especially the dance scene to impress the girls). Quite juvenile humour with plenty of swearing; if this is your thing you can't go wrong.