Just saw Midnight in Paris. I usually don't like Woody Allen movies but this one was quirky and mildly interesting as it hammered home it's point: What may seem to be a "golden age" in our history from the persepective of now may not seem so "golden" to the people living in it.

I have been struggling through and finally gave up on The Descent II wondering why on earth did I decide to rent it in the first place! After all the first movie was only half good. I really got into the idea of a group of women into extreme sports going on a caving expedition; some of them with lots of experience and some of them total novices. They go off the map exploring a new set of tunnels when they are trapped in the unmapped system by a cave-in which injures one of the novices. Trapped underground with limited light, food and water they face a fascinating dilemma; do the more experienced cavers try to escape knowing that the injured, frightened, novices may doom them if they stay behind and help? Also the cinemaphotography really captures the pitch black, claustorphobic world of the underground perfectly.
The movie then ridiculously veers off course by introducing hordes of carnivorous sub-human creatures that attack the party. It ruins what might have been a great film. The sequel is pure junk.