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Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Much funnier than I expected, and I expected quite a lot of laughs. Easily one of Mel Brooks' better films - not as forced as Spaceballs and more exciting than Blazing Saddles - and a lot of the jokes were just great.

Loved every moment of it. Absolutely every moment.
Ah, Men In Tights. Great movie!

I watched Looper and Ruby Sparks this week, and The Princess Bride for the first time recently. Why did I not know it sooner!

Looper's got a great premise and a great ending. The fact that they're both criminals makes the heroic moment all that more meaningful.

Ruby Sparks has the kind of ending you'd expect, all things considered (they meet like in the dream), but man, that evil control part (you know it's going to have one) is pretty dark. NOT your normal romantic comedy formula. This romantic comedy has teeth. I am not surprised that I enjoyed it.

And the Princess Bride... wow! Funny, engaging, charming. I finally know what the deal with Inigo Montoya's famous line is. I mean, I knew it was badass from IMDB, but still.
"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
So glad I picked it up the second I saw my dvd store had it. And 'Dread Pirate Rogers' and Inigo are so sporting to their foes. Classic!
"I'm not left handed."

I hear Dredd is good. But I'll discuss when I've seen it in October or whenever it's out in Australia.