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    Fantasy with a child vampire? and a book with a main character called pony?

    First book

    Okay, so i have a very hazy recollection of reading a fantasy that must have been written before the late 90's. I rember a group of companions journeying to the place (a castle maybe?) where evryone had been turned into vampires.
    Obe of the guys picks up a small child (think it might be a little girl) and she has tiny fangs, she bites his neck and (again, very hazy) he's now doomes?

    Sorry for such a badly remembered, hazy bit of book. I read it at least 13 years ago in a small library.

    2nd book

    about a warrior and a woman, one of whom is called pony. I remember them practising sword forms together. again, that's about it.

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    The second book rings a bell. It possibly could be The Demon War series by Robert Salvatore. There are about 6-8 books overall.

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    The first one rings a bell a little bit but I can't recall the name of the one I'm thinking of but maybe the scene I describe about the castle will be correct and jog yours or someone elses memory?

    The travelers go to a castle of a lord of the kingdom (if I recall there are 7 seperate kingdoms with one being the head and one that has been destroyed for many years).

    There are no knights (as they were all called to support a crazy king who thought everyone was out to get him) anywhere in the castle/sorrounding area.

    The lord has feelings towards the woman.

    The lord's mother is a demon/vampire that has been killing off the people of the castle.

    Also the series is about modern day people being transported to this other world that is drawing together due to things being on Earth that shouldn't be. The woman in the series is a powerful witch and the guy a powerful rune lord (without googling pretty sure that's the name of the series).

    Hope this helps.

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    Could be completely wrong and the person who asked may be gone, but it might be The Last Rune series by Mark Anthony.

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