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    Obscure dystopia novel 1980s or earlier

    Hi everyone, I've joined this site in the hopes that I can discover the title of a book that I read when I was young. Here is what information I have available:

    - I read the book in elementary school, which means that it can't have been written AFTER 1993, but it was most likely written sometime in the 80s.
    - I swear the title was something akin to "devil in the halls" (but I could be wrong).
    - From what I can remember of the story, it depicted children who had implants on the back of their heads at the top of their spinal column. The adults inserted cartridges or discs into these implants, and it aided the children in the learning process. If children failed to learn or their bodies rejected the implants in some way, they were taken away somewhere.

    I don't think that this book was a bestseller or anything, and it certainly isn't a classic dystopia novel, but it's been bugging the heck out of me. Thanks everyone!

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    That sounds a little like The Tripods:

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    No. Not Tripods. I've read this book too.

    The children were bald as well if I remember correctly. The main character pulls his implanted cartridge out and starts living outside. Gets fit and suntanned. The cartridges allow control or mind reading or detection by the government.

    Oh, and I think the implants could be stacked. I remember the main character having so many that he was hunched over.

    Hah - Devil on my Back by Monica Hughs. Is this what you are looking for?
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    Yup, that's the one! Has "devil" in the title, involves weird implant chips and dystopia. Thanks so much!

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