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    Others Series i liked and not to mention my favourite author is robert jordan wheel of time. Micheal krmaer and kate redding?? did a great job and the female male combination is great when going to different pov.

    Only downside for me is kramer american accent is quite strong i find ( i suppose it wouldnt bother americans )
    Irrelevant factoids:

    Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (get it, "reading"?? I love that) are actually a married couple. I *believe* that both names are pseudonyms. Kate (real name Jennifer Mendenhall) was actually born in the US. I've usually heard her read with a British accent (she spent at least some time growing up in the UK), but she also sometimes reads with an American accent; and although I think Kramer is purely American, I've heard him read with a fairly good British accent (although it tended to come and go a bit). I've never really understood why they didn't at least match accents for the WOT books.

    edited to add -- okay, I looked it up and Michael Kramer also uses the name "Nick Bernard" -- but it looks like Kramer is probably the "real" name and Bernard is the pseudonym....
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