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I'm an audio book addict. Love em. But the quality of narration is very important to the listening experience, obviously. I have listened to books read by two different narrators, and it can seem as though they are completely different books. In general, though, I like to hear the voices read to me. I am very bad at creating the sounds of the different voices and accents in my own head while reading, so having that extra input makes the book sing to me. A good narrator can definitely improve a book.

Speaking of narrators -- I am very much looking forward to getting hold of the new recordings of Best Served Cold and The Heroes. The original versions were recorded by Michael Page, who was completely wrong for Abercrombie's work. The new recordings are done by Steven Pacey, who recorded the First Law trilogy -- near or at the top of my all time favorite book/narrator pairings. Unfortunately, right now they are only available in the UK -- but I'm working on it!
Hello, did you ever get a hold of the Steven Pacey read The Heroes ? He blew me away with The First Law series. I forced myself to stick with Best Served Cold, sometimes cursing out loud at the ridiculous Cosca voice. I was resigned to reading Heroes when I found out about the Pacey UK version. Anyway, any luck?