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    Secret gubmint super collider gone awry....

    There are at least two books, now possibly three out now from this author.

    The premise is, the government built a super-secret super collider in the desert, buried underground, and on the operation of it a "hole" was opened to somewhere else. Random things drop out of this hole. One might be something that looks like half a dish rag, but it weighs twenty tons, but has no other intrinsic values than being REALLY heavy. Another item was a something they called a "doubler". If memory serves, it's kind of like a glorified wand, you point it at something inanimate and it makes more of that inanimate object out of thin air. The crux of the most recent book had to do with flashlight looking device that opened a hole in time to earth, twenty of thirty years into the future. Thru this "hole" you could actually step thru and take the device with you. Was part of unraveling a plot to have humanity destroy itself, very intense!

    I thought the entire premise was fantastic and held great promise, even had a brief email exchange with the author (yes, I did somehow lose the email!) but sadly he was going to wrap up the series in the third book, which hopefully is out now.

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance you folks can provide!
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    Sounds like "The Breach" by Patrick Lee. Only read the first one, still not decided if I'll go for the others yet.

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    You are right! I was finally noodling around on a books website and discovered their neat search engine. Typed in "collider" and let 'er rip. I think the second page showed the book I was looking for. DEFINITELY read the second book "Ghost Country"....if you're into pseudo time travel, apocalyptic, interpersonal relationships, it's a helluva story!

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