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    Practicing Diction for Speech Recognition

    Hey folks - This sub-forum is a terrific idea!

    I remember a sci-fi novel where, in a small scene, an adolescent girl was doing her homework which consisted of practicing her diction so the computer could more easily recognize her speech.

    My guess is that the author was Asimov, Heinlein, or Clarke, likely from the I, Robot or Foundation trilogies. I can't imagine it is from anyone else.

    I've googled the snot out of this thing and just can't find it...

    Thank you for any help!


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    Doesn't ring any Asimov or Clarke bells with me.

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    Part II of Asimov's Second Foundation begins with such a scene, wherein Arcadia Darell attempts to use her birthday present, a new "transcriber", to write an essay on Seldon's Plan.

    I'll add that it's one of a spare handful of scenes from the original trilogy that strongly stuck with me since I read them as a child in the late 70's. Not sure why. Perhaps she was the only character a kid could identify with in the whole set.
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    Thank you rainswept! I'm doing a final report for my I.T. class with Speech Recognition as the topic. This was the best/first example I could think of.

    .... Imagine what a collaboration between Asimov and Steve Jobs would have produced!

    I will credit you as well as in my report.

    Again, my thanks.


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    Glad we could help

    I hope you stick around with more questions, & maybe some answers for the confounded.

    The strength of this forum is the unique background & temperament of each of the members.

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