Tolkien this, Feist that!
Cmon! What's goin' on here?
Monsters huh? Whad about dem?
Aliens, nasty robots, vampires, supervillians, dragons and such.
Right- here's my list, not the definitive version, I'll re-edit a LOT, as I'm sure I'll think of a load more soon's I post this- right, this is just to get the ball rolling- I'm itching for some info.
Right here goes.
PENTIAK's top 10 cool monsters:
1. ED-209: "You have ten seconds to comply" A mean mudder if ever there was, except for he had trouble with stairs.
2. Predator: "Turn around! Over here!..."- anytime!
3. Alien Queen: "(hiss! snarl!)" ok another obvious 1, but her place is well earned.
4. 'Raptors in JP: If only they were allowed
savage people in the film as they did in the book. Still, the were NASTY.
5. Ghidora/Monster Zero: The DEFINITIVE dragon, and this is gonna get a severe backlash of fantasy fans going at me.
6. The Medusa in Clash of the Titans: I always thought she was cool.
7. Maximillian in Black Hole: (ok so he scared me when I saw it as a kid!)
8. Martians in War of the Worlds: (represent the old skool!) great book, great movie, dodgy 70's album...
9. Those weird crawly black things in Dark Crystal: anyone remember their name?
10. The skeletons in Armies of Darkness: a personal favourite of mine, not so much nasty as complete jerks- "keep your filty bones outa my mouth!"

And now the top 10 sad monsters:
1. The Darleks: like ED-209, had trouble with stairs, but nowhere near as cool, they couldn't even sort out 'ol Doctor Who. Who later went on to be a scarecrow.
2. The robot in Logan's Run: "Plankton, seagreens and protien from the sea..."- oh dear.
3. King Kong: Classic film or dumb gorilla?
4. V: aliens with shoulder pads and perms.
5. The Cylons: .....
6. The white spider in Krull: I like spiders, crazy looking things, it looked cool but it didn't DO anything! And that annoyed me.
7. The bugs in Starship Troopers: why didn't they just nuke the planet?
8. Robbie the robot: forbidden planet.
9. NEW Godzilla: the cheeck! godzilla's a man in a rubber suit, don't try give him a 90's makeover, I never saw the film, and I never will, matter of principal!
10. The robot at the end of Nemisis: like it wasn't made of tinfoil?

OK- fire away, I wanna see some input people!