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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Lawrence View Post
    That Mr Abercrombie! It seems a third of my reviews make either favourable or unfavourable comparison - many citing the clear influence of his books. I've either failed in my attempt to imitate him or surpassed him at his own game yadda yadda.

    I'd never heard of him before getting published & whilst all I've heard is good stuff, it will be quite a while before I get around to reading his work. Given the circumstances I just relish being able to say I've not read him. Saying I only read him 'recently' just muddies the water.

    I will do one day though! For now, it's The Whitefire Crossing for me.
    For me it's Fritz Lieber - everyone always compares my books to his and mention how I must have been influenced by Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. On one hand I want to read them - because obviously they would be "right up my alley" but on the other - I don't feel I can until I'm 100% done writing Royce and Hadrian as I don't want to find myself changing how I write. I'm afraid I would end up trying to avoid "walking in their shoes" which currently any action on that part is purely coincidental. There is curiosity to see if there is similarities but for me the risk is just too great now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooNice View Post
    thanks a lot guys. i looked into brent weeks more and he seems to 'wheel of time' for me. i'll definitely check out bakker at some point, even if he is very different. paul kearney and kj parker will also be added to my to read list.

    but it seems glen cook is the way to go for me right now. as soon as i finish 'yes man' it's glen cook, then the rest of the dresden files. thanks.

    if anyone else has read those authors i'd still be interested in your opinions though.
    I know I'm really late to this thread. Just wanted to throw in my .02. First, Weeks is literally nothing like Wheel of Time. I couldn't even get through two books of Wheel of Time, whereas Weeks is one of my favorite authors. He doesn't have the depth of GRRM or Rothfuss, but he writes action extremely well and his characters are all relatable and likeable (even the unlikeable ones). And he's worlds deeper than Jordan.

    For authors similar to Abercrombie (who I love), I concur with some of the suggestions here, especially Morgan and Cook, and even Bakker...though he's similar more in the world-building and general grittiness, but not at all in writing style. No author is ever 100% similar, even those who try to emulate others. But many have a similar Scott Lynch and Hulick, for example. Lots of differences, different writing styles, etc, but very similar vibe to them.

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    I'm also very late to this thread.

    Other than the wonderful suggestions I've seen here, you might also want to check out the fantastic David Gemmell. While GRRM and Abercrombie have much better world building, Gemmell was a master at creating heroes. Some of his writing is witty like Mr. Abercrombie, although not as much so. I highly suggest you look for his books. You will find many posts on this board about them.

    Finally, in case this was missed by anyone else, I find Django Wexler's Thousand Names books very similar to Joe Abercrombie. Strong characters, and fantastic world-building. Some wit and a lot of dark tidings.

    Good luck!

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    I would say the closest thing to Abercrombie in my opinion is The Broken Empire series by Mark Lawrence.

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