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Thread: Sharing the Joy

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    Sharing the Joy

    Just wanted to let folks know, especially those who have been kind enough to provide feedback on various questions, that I have sent out my submission packages to various agents this past week. I felt that I polished and primped my letters and synopsis enough for presentation. It was time to move with it. I began to enter the point of paralysis by analysis and so I declared "Enough! Let's do this!" It has been a great feeling letting them go out into the world. And just to let you know, I got my cherry popped by receiving my first 'No Thank You.' My work has moved from the realm of my office into the great big world of reality..... Loving it.

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    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler Hawke View Post
    ...I got my cherry popped...
    Interesting way of putting it.

    Congratulations. Soon, you'll be singing like a whore with the rest of us.

    Joke! Couldn't help myself, sorry.

    Seriously, it is a great feeling to get your work out there. I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear of a prompt acceptance.

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