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    Kellhus to Lose to Ray Lilly!!??

    The Suvudu Cage Match has started and representing Bakker is none other than Kellhus himself!

    But the Ray Lilly fans are putting up a good fight!

    Go to the Suvudu Cage Match website and vote for Kellhus!!!

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    Go vote! Kellhus is in the lead now but not by much. How anyone in good conscience could actually justify voting for Lilly over Kellhus is mind boggling. We cannot let this one go my fellow sffworldites. Go to Suvudu, vote Kellhus, and restore sanity back to the world of fake sci fi fantasy cage fighting!!
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    I saw your post in the comments Voight. Some of the comments have been great. Clearly common sense dictates an easy win for Kellhus. Shame Bakker didn't get a chance to write the outcome.
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