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    book with a main character that has a lot riding on him?

    So, I just finished playing mass effect 3, a trilogy of games which I love for the story they tell. I know its sci fi, but I love fantasy too, thus why I'm asking here. One thing I loved more than anything about the games was how they built up.the main character, to make him seem so important and essential to this galaxy in peril. Everyone was depending on him and he had to battle not only the conflict, but all the pressure put on him. It was cool to have a character of such importance and how the mention of his mere name could bring hope to those who had almost lost it. It made him seem powerful in a different kind of way.

    Anyway, can anyone think of any books like this, where the main character is extremely essential to all that is happening, more than other characters. (Just for example, game of thrones has great characters, but no single one I would say is a main character, meanwhile name of the wind has a very defined main character, but not someone who has a lot riding on his shoulders in terms of ppl having to rely on him, so books like these are not what I mean. Hopefully I haven't confused everyone.)


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    Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time has a main character of Rand Al' Thor who is the Dragon Reborn of the world, the chosen one who must confront the antithesis of the Creator, the Dark One. I have read up to like the 8th book in that series but I took a break and now I'm reading it over again and am at book 4. While the first two books are some of the most exhiliariting heoric fantasy I've ever read things begin to slow down with book three onwards, so you may want to be cognizant of that. The last book in the series is actually coming out next year so by the time you've caught up to publication you'll be ready for the finale.

    Steven Erikson in his A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen introduces a host of characters who find themselves facing all kinds of universe threatening conflicts. The overarching villain of that series is called The Crippled God, an alien god who was summoned to the world and now seeks revenge on all of the world's deities. I've read up to the fourth book in this series. While it may not focus on just one chief main character you can be sure that the stakes are high in this series.

    Theses are probably the best two recommendations I can give, I myself am not as well read as I'd like.

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    For better or worse, Sword of Truth fits the bill.

    Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, and it takes a while to become apparent, but The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher could be very much to your liking.

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    The Wheel of Time immediately comes to mind.

    And of course Lord of the Rings if you consider Frodo the main character.

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    The first and second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant are about an anti-hero who complains and whines the whole time, but the fate of a world rests on his unwilling shoulders. Happen to love those books.
    Wheel of Time, as others have mentioned. The first two Shannara books would also fit the bill. Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tad Williams was epic and much rested on the actions of a young man.

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    Stories where the fate of the world hangs on one person are ten a penny in fantasy because of the whole chosen one thing and the questing tradition, but ones where the pressure on him becomes an actual thing are less so. A lot of the time it's so focused on the actual quest that the reactions of other people are sidelined, and the hero often doesn't really think about the consequences of failure.

    I'd say Mistborn is one though.

    And I'd second the Dresden Files rec.

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    Hrm. The Belgariad has a main character, but strongly supported by an ensemble cast.

    I'm going to toss in a second (for the day) recommendation for The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon. (Why yes, I do think Moon is an awesome writer).

    Kristen Britain's Green Rider series comes to mind as well, although not as strongly as Deed.

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