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    No Malazan mentions?! OK it would be incredibly difficult actually. But there are so many scenes in this book that would be down right amazing to watch on the big screen. My mouth waters at the thought. I doubt it'll ever happen though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob B View Post
    I think it would be lots of fun and not boring at all.

    I think The Dresden Files would work. Wait what?

    Maybe Scott Lynch's Gentlemen Bastards would work too.
    Yeah Syfy already took a crack at Dresden Files, it was ok, I used to watch it.

    Wasn't the movie rights sold for a Locke Lamora flick before the first book came out?

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    Chain Of Dogs sequence from the Malazan Book of the Fallen would just be brilliant..

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    I would love to see the Dresden files, starting with book three, adapted into films. I think they are generally cinematic and offer enough crazy, but doable, effects to be viable as blockbusters and they are compact enough that the whole story could be told with minimal sacrifice. It will never happen, but I can dream .

    I could also see The Steel Remains and Cold Commands making good films, they would be controversial enough - oh noes gay people! - to create a stir and if handled well could be great.

    The more I think about it the more I think The Name of the Wind could be a great film, there are some very cinematic scenes. I'm really not convinced the basics of the magic system are that complex, have Ben explain a little in the wagon, the class with Heme (sp?) and keep nameing cryptic with a little elucidation from Elodin - all to my mind plot essentials in anycase.
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    I could see the Wheel of Time series as an HBO show, I think it's far to detailed for a movie, and even as a show it's rather strained, but I could still see it. I agree that Mistborn would make a nice set of movies. On the subject of Bradon Sanderson, I think that Elantris would be fun to see on screen as well. Realistically, I would take just about any good book adaptation to movie right now. Quality movies seem rather slim lately, and if there is one more re-release of something i might go crazy.
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    I would love to see Roger Zelazny's Amber series as a TV series. Great characters all backstabbing each other, lots of sword play, and massive battles.

    And I would love to see a good video of a horseman galloping through Shadows as the world's change around him.

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    Jon Shannow!

    Would be an awesome character to bring to the big screen. I only wish they had already done so, and had Clint Eastwood play him!

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