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    Finished reading "Clash of Kings"

    I just set down "Clash of Kings" after having finally finished all 969 pages of the paperback version I own. It took me a year to accomplish this, but I won! *giggles* I actually had a very busy year that took a lot of my time and didn't allow for reading again, until recently.

    I will never be a member of the "GRRM is the greatest author ever" camp" , however, he does have some good stuff! He is probably the first epic fantasy writer I have ever read, and so it is possible that after I have read what else is out there I may decide he is the best at epic sword and sorcery, or whichever particular genre he ASOIAF falls into. I am still very new to all of this.

    I think I liked COK better than GOT, overall. I love everything with Daenerys, everything involving the Lannisters, and even Sansa, Arya, Jon and Bran have grown on me. I also love Asha and felt sorry for Brienne. I also awe'd a little with Jon and Ygritte. I have decided to ship them now. Can people ship book characters? Still despise Catelyn, but even her chapters sometimes proved interesting.

    I began the book feeling as if the majority of characters and viewpoints were pointless, but by the end I could see how it was all tying together, and I even understand the purpose of the first book. Having never read anything this large in scope before, I'm not sure if I am just slow in making the connections or if my mind simply struggles to make sense of something with such a large scope. But there are some pretty cool things hidden within the pages of this journey, so I'm not sorry I took it. To me reading ASOIAF is like taking a bike ride, some chapters are like riding uphill and are just a strain and a lot of work, and then others are like riding downhill, and it all goes by in a whirl of excitement. I suppose all epic series are this way?

    I personally would prefer if the story was written in smaller more self contained volumes, but that's just me, I suppose. I would put all of Daenerys story together, to give her one book of her own. I think that would be excellent. I imagine at some point in the next year I will attempt book three, hopefully finishing before season three of the TV series begins. Very excited now for season two. Although I have heard that some of book three is going to be included in season two, so I am contemplating trying to read book three before April 1. However, I need to read The Hunger Games before next Friday, when I go to see that film. I suppose I could read HG first, since it is a lot shorter and then attempt book 3 of ASOIAF?
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    There is so much story (I am 1/3 of the way through book 5, ADWD) that I forgot some of those characters are in COK. To me, though I loved it, COK felt like a transition book between book 1 and 3. Finish Hunger Games and then start book 3 (A Storm of Swords). I have a feeling you will love ASoS

    Hopefully a more knowledgeable member can help you with when they will air parts of book 3 on the show, if they do in season 2. I imagine you have at least until May 1st. Which would still only be episode 4-5, so you likely have even longer than that. If you can average 40 pages a day I'm sure you will finish in time.
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