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    Name searched of old sf movie, who knows !ws what movie i search

    High all.

    I am searching for a old movie i have seen when i whas young and i dont know the name anymore.
    I thought this is the place to ask, so please help.
    I know the story ( a bit ) so some SF nurds must know what movie i mean.
    Its like something like this.
    I hope i dont mix up two movies. ( want to know both movies in that case )

    A green glow takes over a jetplane and the pilot is out of control of the plane (Happens in 1958 or so).
    After that strange things happen,( i dont know more than that, or its goes on like this )

    After that ( maybe a other movie ) a strange note is sent to some siencetists and they recieve parts to build a machine.
    This machine is a reciever with a triangular screen.
    they get in contact with a man on this screen from a other planet, and are flew with a ufo to that planet.
    What happens after that i dont know.

    i hope some can give me the name of this movie, or both movies.
    Many thanks.


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    I believe you're talking about This Island Earth.
    It's a classic.


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    Definitely This Island Earth.


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    Many many thanks.
    That is the movie !

    Sometimes you can never find a movie back by name.
    I hope its also the movie with that plane glowing in a green halo.

    I have also seen a fantasy movie that i never saw again, i dont know the name also, maybe someone knows the name too.
    Its a Jules verne movie with captain Nemo.
    I can barely remember this movie.
    I only remember one thing and that is that it whas about a island owned by captain Nemo.
    People discovered this island and set food on it, but they where discovered by strange pods rising out of the rocky beach.
    Lightning came out of that pods, the pods where shaped in the Nemo classic style we know from 20.000 miles under the see.
    The discoveres of this island made a harnas with iron chains at their back that touched the ground to avoid these lightnings, but more i dont know.
    Maybe this movie whas a French Italian production from europe.
    So it may be difficult to answer.

    There are some great si-fi and mistery films and series made in europe ( not UK ), maybe its one of them but i dont know.

    If anyone can tell me about this movie also, that would be great.

    Kind regards.
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