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    Yes, simply put. You don't have to, he does say it's a standalone (it is), but you'll want to read it during or after the original seven books, i.e. either as 4.5 or 8.

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    I am a good ways into Wind Through the Keyhoke (DarK Tower 4.5) and have been enjoying it. It's good to be back with the ka-tet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loerwyn View Post
    Finished. One of the best King novels I've ever read. Easily.
    Nice. I'm so jealous. I can't wait to read this.

    I'm currently not reading anything 'cause I'm so bogged down with school work and textbook reading. Hoping to start reading this one later this weekend or early next week.

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    The Desert of Souls by Howard Andrew Jones was very good, recommend it to everyone who liked Throne of the crescent moon.
    Now, may be I'll try Mongoliad, not sure yet
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    I finished A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire, second entry in the October Daye urban fantasy series. After showering praise on the first book, Rosemary and Rue, I wasn't expecting such a wake up call of a big disappointment. The plot was a messy affair, October Daye demonstrating her incompetent leadership and detective skills as she stumbles along from one situation to the next with a complete lack of direction. The dialogues were cringeworthy and frustrating, with a staggering amount of one-liner repetitions: "Right"; "What???!!!"; "Why?". On the positive side, the worldbuilding and characters remain top-notch and serve as a solid foundation. It's just too bad the upper levels weren't up to snuff with this one resulting in totally average urban fantasy.

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    Started The Warded Man by Brett last night. It was one of those books that had soooo much discussion early on, that I put it on the back burner until I could read it without tainted expectations (i.e. had forgotten the majority of the discussion).

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