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    I am finally nearing the end of Reaper's Gale (180 pages left). I've been reading it sporadically over the last 2 months it seems. I will read it for a few days, get burned out a little and take a few days off, then read it a few more. Now that i am close to the end, I'll try to finish it off before getting distracted by something else. Still really like Malazan, but getting burned out by the length of it (and I love big books and long series). I will say I think I have enjoyed this one less than any of the previous books, though. Some of the Malazan soldiers are starting to blur together for me, too.

    I think I might jump into the next arc of the Wurts series (I've read the first 3 books, and feel like starting the next arc, beginning with The Fugitive Prince). Or I will jump into book 3 of WoT.

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    I finally got my review for Arctic Rising by Tobias Buckell written - it's very fun and very good. I still owe a review for The Throne of the Crescent Moon. I'm currently reading Blade of Tyshalle by Matthew Stove - I'd forgotten just how good the Caine books are.

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    Finished Throne of the crescent moon It really as good as people saying.Now to either Ready player One or to The desert of souls....

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    Quote Originally Posted by algernoninc View Post
    I'm returning now to one of my favorite series : Vlad Taltos by Steven Brust. I have reached volume 12 - Iorich, and the only problem I see on the horizon is the fact that I am running out of books to continue the story. I don't know how many more the author has planned, probably 16, one for each Dragaera House.
    I just restarted these. I read the first three many years ago, back when they were first published, and I liked em alot. For some reason, though, I never went further than that. Lately I've been wishing they were available in audio -- but for some reason, they have never been recorded. Now I've given up and started reading em in ebook. We'll see how far I get this time.

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    I'm about 130 pages into Game of Thrones so far so good.

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    Finished The Crippled God , what a journey ! Fantastic end the series.

    Started Control Point and so far (60 pages or so) failing to see the hype. Disjointed writing coupled with no engaging characters.... Hope it improves.

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    I'll be starting Cold Fire by Kate Elliott today.

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    I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and now I reading The Loch by Steve Alten. It was interesting, but it's become a struggle now.

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    After reading some historical non-fiction, I started Rise of Empire Michael J Sullivan's second Riyria omnibus. That was at about 5 AM so I got all of 11 pages deep before needing sleep.

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    Moved onto Sir Pratchett's Wintersmith last night after, late last week, finishing his not-so-good Equal Rites.

    Yay, Tiffany!

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    Just started The Hunger Games today. About 100 pages in, and it's pretty good! Better than I expected.

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    Finished In the City of Coin and Spices by Catherynne Valente. This concludes the Orphan Tales, a story that is now officially in my top ten fantasy list. I liked how in the afterword the author mentions among the sources for the book the Grimm Brothers, the Arabian Nights, Ramayana, Afanasiev (a very good collection of Russian folk tales) and the oral tradition of storytelling in general, passed to her from a grandmother.

    I've started now The Bloodstone by Karl Edward Wagner - my third Kane book, and it promises to be as good as the previous ones.

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    I've just finished William Meikle's Crustaceans. Fast, furious, and fun. I'm holding off getting into anything else right now until I pick up Kevin Hearne's Tricked tomorrow, though I suspect I'll have to fight the wife for it.

    After those, I'll finish up Weston Ochse's Blood Ocean and figure out what happens from there.

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    Just finished Kushiel’s Dart by Jaqueline Carey.

    This was recommended to me by my nephew so I decided to give it a try

    Of course I always try to resist the temptation of judging a book by its cover. Nevertheless, for about the first third of the book, I started to build an impression of a predominately themed Romance book masked as Fantasy. However, I kept on reading and soon discovered I was wrong.

    I believe Kushiel’s Dart is an impressive debut for Carey. Despite being the first part of a trilogy, the ending is satisfying containing enough plot resolutions such that it can also act as a standalone, sufficiently rewarding the reader.

    The entire story is narrated from just one point of view, the heroine, Phèdre. Overall, I believe Carey handled this writing style well. Although, at times it was a bit awkward concerning how Phèdre needed to obtain information to ‘dump’ to us, the readers.

    I was pleased with the world building throughout the novel. The character and plot development was also decent with the exception of a couple of scenes where I thought behaviors exhibited were out of character (based upon previous knowledge learned). To avoid spoilers I will refrain from specifics.

    This book was a delightful quick read (even with a relatively high word count) with just the right balance of complexity concerning the world and its cast of focal characters. I definitely plan to eventually continue the series.

    Having just recently finished The Bonehunters by Steven Erikson comprised of countless point of views, I can envision alternating between these contrasting writing styles to keep them both fresh .

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    This weekend I finished Among Others by Jo Walton as part of my Hugo reading. It's a little light on actual story, but worth it for the literary SFF references.

    Now reading Of Blood and Honey by Stina Leicht.

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