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Thread: Caine's law

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    Caine's law

    Caine's Law, the 4th and (according to DelRey Spectra's facebook post) final novel in the Acts of Caine sequence, releases today. Go buy it.

    After rereading the previous 3 books in this series recently, I could not be more excited about opening my mailbox and finding my copy. On the other hand, it saddens me to see that this is the final novel. Caine is my favorite character and there won't be another like him. Heroes Die was like nothing I'd ever read before and it opened up a new world of fantasy to me. I hope that Mr. Stover's Overworld Comics takes off so we can continue to see new Caine material.

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    I burned through my copy in a couple of days (and that's with work and other responsibilities to deal with) despite having to backtrack and try to keep up with the timelines. I'm definetly going to have to re-read it eventually to pick up on all the details.

    So yeah, put a SPOILERS label on the thread so we don't have to black out the posts and let's talk about CL and the Acts of Caine! I'd love to hear some interpretations about what happened.

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