Who are you're favourite reccuring characters?

I'm talking short roles in each episode, or only around for a few episodes.

For me, It'd have to be:

Bronn is my favourite. He is hallerious. Even when he is not trying for it he makes me laugh just by gazing.

Ousha; she's just perfect.
Lewin, also really nice.
Syrio, was wildly hallerious and badass at the same time.
Jaqen, seems like you're perfect mysterious captive, but what's with the hair?
Gendry, those facial expressions. He's so lovable. More work for Gendry!
Sandor, but he needs more screen time.
Rakharo, also lovely.
Tywin, just... yes.
Lysa is creepy, Shae is... whorey.

I think It's fair to say the Cast as a whole is amazing.