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    If you're only reading the series for completion sake then no they are not necessary to understand what's going on in Eriksons books. But if you actually care about the Malazan Empire and related characters then yes RotCG is a major chapter in that story
    Agree completely. NoK is a great backstory. It's also good for filling in some gaps that SE purposely created. RotCG is great. And has some major plot points that you should know. If you liked hearing about the Crimson Guard. You have to read ROTCG!! SW, I'm reading now. It's good so far! They are all good reads that provide some good info, and a great story.

    But it sounds like you just want to get this series over with. You don't want to miss anything since you've put in the time, but want it ended. If that's correct...Just read SE's books. Honestly I would skim a lot. If you aren'y enjoying them, why read so much?

    For me, I just finished RG and I'm pretty sad that I only have like 5books left. I don't want this journey to end! I love this world. Finishing the series will be both rewarding and depressing.

    For any Malazan fans out there. I don't want to promote another forum..but over @ - They are trying to get a Malazan card game going. Sounds like it'll be pretty cool if it can go live and official.

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    On the bright side, we will get another two new Malazan books later this year, so it isnt like the ride is over yet.

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    Yes, I believe SE is writing a trilogy about Rake. One of the reasons why I am focusing on Malazan is I want to read the new ones as they come out. I think I'm going to break publication order and read TCG next. Then take a break and catch up on Glen Cook and then read SW and OST.

    I'm loving DoD so far (about 15% in), the scene with the deck of dragons was awesome! One of the best page turners in the series so far. The whole plot thread seems like it will be great.

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