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    Halp! My Google Account was deactivated!

    Oh my God.

    I never realized just how much is tied in to Google. It's not just Gmail. Blogger used to be a separate service. So was YouTube. FaceBook was something I should never have linked to my Google Account (logging in by Gmail account). PicasaWeb originally didn't belong to Google.

    Now Google does something to you, and everything else goes down! I should have kept the services separate! moved my blogs elsewhere, used separate accounts to access FaceBook and Youtube, hosted my pics on other places than Picasaweb!

    I've been blogging for seven years! before Google acquired Blogger! Now I am biting my fingernails, because seven years of self-indulgent soliloquiys and bits of goo and dribble may just disappear! Hundreds of pictures and drawings put up on PicasaWeb may vanish now!

    I can't even get into Facebook because I foolishly linked it to Google so that I login with the Google Account. How foolish!

    I'm down to my ancient Yahoo account (dating back to 1996), hardly used now, and my Twitter account which I hardly bother with because I just don't get it. And of course, Sf-fandom and Sffworld.

    I have now learned my lesson, being well and truly spanked! Never let a monolithic service run everything you have.

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    Do you know Russia? I am near!
    Hotmail blocks a lot of kinds of attachments.
    Such as MS Office "Fragments".
    Also, be aware of such things )

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