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    Novel about magical shades/sunglasses

    During 4th grade I did a book report on a novel (published by Scholastic) about a teen who comes across some sunglasses that while he wears them, he can mold reality to his will. Whats the name of this book?

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    I am curious about this, too!

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    I think the main character kind of messing up the world using them, and had a local school girl had to use the shades to fix things (either that or there was a pair for women too, I can't remember)... I remember the cover was the face of the boy/teen in a Matrixy-"Whoa" expression...
    wish i new the title of this!
    Any chance the company Scolastic has a website?

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    Sounds great, but you could have shared that here. I never seen any sunglasses magical story.

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