Hello everyone,

I recently got the chance to interview K. M. Tolan for SFFWorld.com. You can check it out here.

After reading Blade Dancer, the first in his military sci-fi series, I thought I'd hit Mr. Tolan up for an interview. I suppose I could have done it live in a thread, seeing as he hangs out in the Writing forum a lot. He's always helping out us wannabes, so I figured I'd make it official instead.

He's got a great main character, Mikial, a female alien on another planet (well, I guess she's not alien on her planet), trying to get at the heart of a dispute between two warring races. She learns that First Contact with humans has been made and that's making things a whole lot worse.

Mr. Tolan is a veteran, and he uses his experience to write some very realistic battle scenes and gun action.

I don't read a lot of military sci-fi. Actually, I think this is my first, and I'm glad that I picked this one. I liked that the lead character was female and a bada-- warrior.

Has anyone else tried out his stuff?