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    Talking Short Story Collection

    Hi all! First post - but certainly not my last!

    Just wanted to tell you about my short story collection that I recently published to Kindle. You can see it here.

    Some of the stories are science fiction, while others are realistic fiction. See the synopses below:

    Continuity - A brilliant nanotechnologist, having made human immortality possible, is tormented by the simple realities that still lie beyond his control.
    Criminals - By encountering an unexpected foe, a father on an outing with his children must face a challenge to his worldview.
    Penance - A successful televangelist sees Jesus Christ in his sleep - and tries to make a case for his career choices.
    Canonization - An opportunistic business woman uses marvels of science to become a religious figure.
    Grandpa's Nose - A young woman flees an abusive relationship, intending to leave her baby with her estranged parents.
    A Revelation - While napping on lunch break, a woman imagines a conversation with the devil.
    Coexistence - A sensible office worker reluctantly accepts ideological reform after saying insensitive things to a coworker who has a personal relationship with a giant, furry parasite from outer space.
    The Innocent - A private investigator, having discovered the murderer of his wealthy client's heir, is troubled about which step he should take next.
    Legion - In a post-apocalyptic setting, the world's most advanced robot - having the memories of a human - has been reprogrammed and charged with the destruction of all other robots.
    Helping - A young insurance salesman does his best to reconcile his ideals with his profession.
    Trashland - Living in the landfill of Maputo, Mozambique, an orphaned boy continues to cling to what is most dear.

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    Good Luck with it!

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