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    I just joined last night, but I've visited the site a few times looking it over. I'm curious to know if there are really any other artist's here. As an artist myself I know that I have a different way of looking a books than many readers that I know. Personally I'm very interested in the imagery of a scene. I don't like reading a book that doesn't seem to take place in a definable location. I know some people prefer to read just the facts, but for me I want to see exactly what the author is trying to show me. I have a hard time getting into a book where the characters are basically silhouettes floating in an ambiguous void. I tend to like the same kind of books that other artist find enjoyable.
    I am an artist as well, in fact, my studio's name is Action Avenue Art Studio (hence, the name "Action Avenue" I've chosen for forum boards such as this one). Always nice to find like minded individuals. The mediums I work with include: watercolors, ink/markers, graphite pencils and color pencils. My subject matter ranges from animals to sci-fi/fantasy, and the occasional cartoon when I'm feeling wacky.

    View some of my sci-fi artwork
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