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    Where to go from here?

    Hello im Nick, recently signed up to the website, however i have been browsing for quite a time behind the scenes.

    Im fairly new to reading (about a year) and i started with 'A game of thrones' last year after watching the first season of the TV show, i quickly finished the 5 books currently out in the series and moved on to Patrick Rothuss's 'Name of the wind' and 'Wise mans fear' which i loved, so thats 2 series ive started but as of yet cannot finish, my latest read has been Robin Hobbs 'Farseer Trilogy' and 'The Tawny Man Trilogy' which again i absolutely loved.

    So any ideas where i could go from here? I dont really want to start another epic like ASOIAF as i think it would be too much with 2 series already unfinished, i do like the young protagonist finds his feet and changes the world type of books as in rothuss's and hobb's work but stuck on where to go, ive looked at the Liveship traders but dont really fancy it if im honest and people have recommended the Malazan books but i think that would be too much for me at the moment.

    any help would be very much appreciated, thankyou

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    Hello and welcome Chocobo.

    I actually haven't read many shorter, finished series like this that fit your requirements, but the Night Angel Trilogy by Brett Weeks would include everything that you list. The writing style, imo, isn't up to the same standards as Martin, Rothfuss and Hobb, but most books aren't, and so it might be worth looking into.

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    That's a tough act to follow if you ask me, but there are lots of great trilogies out there.

    Prince of Nothing - Bakker
    War with the Mein - Durham
    First Law - Abercrombie
    Mistborn - Sanderson
    Empire - Feist/Wurtz
    Inheritance - Jemison
    Cold Fire - CS Friedman
    The Swan's War - Russel
    Chalion - Bujold
    Bartimeaus - Stroud

    Just to get you started.

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    thanks guys, ive read up about the books and the Mistborn trilogy and the Night angel trilogy have taken my liking so im going to go with one of those, thanks for your help i think im going to enjoy reading both of those.

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    Hi Chocobo/Nick

    First, let me welcome you to the SFFWorld forums. Next, you're going to find tons of recommendation threads throughout each section. We get a lot of "what can I read next" threads on just about a daily basis. We find that such posts usually get the same response. Actually looking at what's already on the Web site or utilizing our SEARCH function will usually answer most people's requests. Perhaps it is uncommon, but we like people to have a look around rather than just demand (even if it's polite!) immediate gratification for their own personal needs.

    With such a large and complex site it can be difficult to see everything going on, admittedly. But if people think that there's answers out there they will point people in the general direction.

    So, rather than people coming here and repeating the recommendations they've provided in other threads, I'll direct you to some of those threads:

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    Hopefully putting this in the right place (looking for a new series to read)

    my next series to read
    Fantasy series
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    ETA: Closed the thread to keep the recommendation-thread population down.

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