Hello im Nick, recently signed up to the website, however i have been browsing for quite a time behind the scenes.

Im fairly new to reading (about a year) and i started with 'A game of thrones' last year after watching the first season of the TV show, i quickly finished the 5 books currently out in the series and moved on to Patrick Rothuss's 'Name of the wind' and 'Wise mans fear' which i loved, so thats 2 series ive started but as of yet cannot finish, my latest read has been Robin Hobbs 'Farseer Trilogy' and 'The Tawny Man Trilogy' which again i absolutely loved.

So any ideas where i could go from here? I dont really want to start another epic like ASOIAF as i think it would be too much with 2 series already unfinished, i do like the young protagonist finds his feet and changes the world type of books as in rothuss's and hobb's work but stuck on where to go, ive looked at the Liveship traders but dont really fancy it if im honest and people have recommended the Malazan books but i think that would be too much for me at the moment.

any help would be very much appreciated, thankyou