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    Yep, his Border trilogy... No sure how "dark" it is compared to the O.P. but...

    No Country for Old Men ?
    Westerns really don't get much darker or violent than Blood Meridien. In fact Joe Abercrombie doesn't get much darker or more violent than Blood Meridien.

    BM is not part of the Border Trilogy.

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    I recently found the "COLE & HITCH SERIES" by Robert B. Parker, starting with "Appaloosa". Really enjoyed them. The only other westerns I've read were the "Sudden" books by Oliver Strange, but that was decades ago, haven't read any of the more recent ones by other authors. Sudden was a good man in a dangerous world, with a fast draw and solved many a problem. Cole and Hitch have some warped morals and find many ways to justify their actions, and manage to kind of do the right thing in the end.

    You could also try the "Lost Regiment" books by William Forstchen. The plot revolves around a Union Army regiment from the American Civil War which gets transported to an alien world. There are other displaced groups of humans from different eras/locations. there are also, The Tugar are ten foot tall aliens with a culture and technology similar to that of the Mongol Horde. They ride a never-ending circuit around the planet. They have subjugated the human populations in their territory and use them as food. Fantastic books, cost me an arm and a leg to get them all, but well worth it.

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    Bruce Boxleitner (aka Commander Sheridan from Babylon 5) wrote a few western novels, before he hit the big screen. Critics were pretty favorable w/ them. Maybe you could check them out!

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    Dark and gritty. Kinda cheesy though.

    The 1995 movie "The Quick and the Dead."

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