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    [Spoilers Inside] Diablo III

    This game deserves its own thread instead of being discussed in the what are you playing thread, in my opinion.

    Blizzard has done it again, they managed to make a game that I am going to play for hundreds if not thousands of hours.

    I have played the monk mostly, but have tried all 5 classes and I must say I think I am going to play them all to max level. Then the endless hunt for better items can begin mixed with some hardcore playing (hardcore = one life, if you die your character is dead forever).

    Spoilers below (last warning)
    The story is awesome. I loved the evil twist with Adria and her daughter. Cains death was a major surprise and the return of the Butcher.. I was jumping up and down... was so excited to see him bash through the gate and happy to find him a little challenging compared to the rest of act1.

    Well done Blizzard!

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    I usually hate the story and skip all the cutscenes, but I agre this one was good. And you were right - Nightmare is much harder than Normal. I am having some trouble getting through Act 1, so it is more like I expected.

    I agree, this is one I will be playing for awhile. I have just started to go back and farm old acts, mostly to level up so I can get through Nightmare easier. I am also looking forward to strategies - it didn't matter on Normal, but I can't just rush in a left click anymore. I'm playing a witch doctor, which has been fun, and I started a monk.

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    Oh man - I started having trouble with Nightmare level in Act 2, so I upgraded my weapon at the auction house. I went from about 50 dps to 95 for under 5000 gold. That made things a lot easier.

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    I can't get enough of this game - I'm on Diablo on Nightmare level. Had a little trouble with him so I may level up to 51 or 52 before trying him again.

    <edit:> That did it - could not beat Diablo on Nightmare at level 50, so I levelled up to 51 and it was surprisingly easy to kill him then. Got him first try.
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