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    Should I read the Black Magician trilogy before the Traitor Spy trilogy?

    I just received Trudi Canavan's "The Rogue" as a gift. Since it's the second book in the trilogy, I'm going to get the first one before reading it. But then I discover it's actually a sequel trilogy, coming after the Black Magician trilogy. So should I go all the way back to that, first?

    Can I read the Traitor Spy trilogy without reading the Black Magician trilogy first, and should I?

    I'll probably get them from the library, so cost isn't an issue.


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    I've read both series. So in theory I should be able to give you an authoritative answer...

    But in practice my memory for books operates in a strange way. I don't seem to "consciously" remember much at all... a week after reading most books I'd be hard put to name most of the characters or know much detail of the plot. But...pick up next in series a couple of years later and enough of the first book comes back to avoid any need for re-reading first book again.

    Anyway... here's my answer based on my faint "memory echoes". You could read Traitor Spy trilogy without reading Black magician trilogy first, you'd be able to follow it okay. But it would reduce enjoyment a wee bit...because you wouldn't have any background knowledge of older characters you wouldn't "care" as much what happens to them, etc... and most likely a bit harder and slower to get a feel for magic system.

    Certainly if you can get first series from library, I would do. Again..from my wonky's a slightly better overall read than the follow up series, and if you don't enjoy it, probably not worth reading on.

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