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    Sith Lord List

    This site has the best list of Sith Lords that I have been able to find.

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    Holy necrothread!

    The correct answer is that it has not been revealed. 'Darth Scyreus' and 'Kaja Sinis' are from fan-fiction stories, and are obviously not canon (in fact, they're from a website LucasArts has had to take legal action against on several occasions for trying to spread false information about the STAR WARS movies and franchise).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quagmire View Post
    I can't remember but were the Siths ever mentioned in the original Star Wars trilogy?
    The original trilogy (movies) never mentioned the word "Sith." They only referred to those Jedi who had gone to "the Dark Side," like Vader.

    Don't know if it may have been in the movie novelizations.

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