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Thread: Forgotten Book

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    Forgotten Book

    Hi, many years ago I read a sci fi book and want to find it again but can't remember the title (typical).
    I think it was written in the 80s.

    All I remember of the book are the following:
    1) the protagonist is an archaeologist with cybernetic eyes.
    2) there is a space ship that has been over run (i think by plants) due to neglect but has a spider shaped pod that can be used to go outside the hull.
    3) pretty sure it ended with a planet that turned the main character into a higher being but not sure about that bit.

    Very vague I know, sorry, but if this rings a bell for anyone would be much appreciated have been hunting for this one for years.

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    Sure about it being the 80s? Because it sounds a lot like Alastair Reynolds' "Revelation Space", but that wasn't published until 2000.
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