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    Quote Originally Posted by pox View Post
    not in your top 25 for the year? Do you publish your top 25 anywhere?

    Ordered for kindle so I'll read it on holiday after Otherland.
    I keep my reading log on Goodreads - right now I have 16 books on the top 25 list for 2012 and two of those may slide also below this one, while Caliban's war is #2 on my next (highly recommended list) after Great North Road, so technically right now it would be in the top 25 at ~15-18, but considering what comes up next (eg this list of 12 sff plus whatever non-sff I find out when say the Booker list is announced) makes me doubt Caliban's War will be higher than ~30-32.

    The main reason I rate Caliban's war lower than King's Blood for example (both #2 from 5 book series, same author to some extent etc) is that Caliban's War is mostly a rehash of Leviathan wakes while King's Blood advances the story there considerably

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    thanks. Gives me some more titles to hit up.

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    Just pulled my copy out of the mailbox. Can't wait!

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    The Expanse #2: Caliban's War by James S.A. Corey (Daniel Abraham & Ty Franck)

    An alien protomolocule has taken root on Venus. Earth and Mars are in a shooting match over an incident on Ganymede. The Solar system is moving towards all-out anarchy and war, and it falls to a well-meaning meddler, a canny politician, a Martian marine and a grief-stricken botanist to try to stop the descent into madness.

    Caliban's War is the second novel in The Expanse series, following on from last year's well-received Leviathan Wakes. This is old-school space opera, featuring the crew of a spacecraft as they attempt to save the Solar system from an alien menace. The series features some nods towards serious science - the ships work strictly by Newtonian physics and there is no FTL travel, with the scope of events being limited (so far) to the Solar system alone - but it's certainly not hard SF. The emphasis is being on an entertaining, fast-paced read, and the book pulls this off with aplomb.

    The cast of characters has been expanded in this volume, with only Holden returning as a POV character from the first volume. Unlike the first novel, which had a grand total of two POVs, this second volume features four: Holden, UN politician Avasarala, botanist Prax and marine Bonnie. This means that the authors have three major new characters to introduce us to, as well as continuing the storyline from the first novel and evolving the returning cast of characters (Holden and his crew). This results in the pace being marginally slower than in Leviathan Wakes, although certainly not fatally so. Indeed, Abraham and Franck imbue the new characters with interesting backstories, motivations and quirks. It's also quite amusing that the most enjoyable character in an action-packed space opera is a 70-year-old politician with a potty mouth.

    There's some major shoot-outs, a few big space battles, a close encounter with a rampaging monster in a zero-gravity cargo hold and other action set pieces that are handled well, but the book falters a little in its handling of politics (which are fairly lightweight) and the characterisation of the bad guys, who never rise above the obvious.

    Caliban's War (***) is not as accomplished as its forebear but is still a page-turning, solidly enjoyable read. The novel is available now in the UK and USA.

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    Mark / Hobbit just posted his review today:

    My copy should be arriving soon.

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    Loved this book! I really enjoyed the new three POV's especially Avasarala. I'd love to have a drink with her in a bar and talk about current earth politics. Can't recommend it enough. My only problem? Now I'm trying to pick a new book to read and have put 3 down. I can't get into them, because I'm still happy about caliban's war. Considering two of them were 40 Signs of Rain and Red Mars, it's probably not surprising.

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    My copy came in the mail a couple of days ago. I'll be starting it in a few days, after I finish my current read.

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    It seems the consensus so far is that this book is fun as hell, but not as good as Leviathan Wakes. I agree. I really enjoyed the new POVs, especially Avasarala, but Caliban's War lacked the newness of its predecessor. Also, did anyone feel like

    the action at the end wasn't all that gripping? The epic space battle was over before it started, and Holden's trip onto the Agatha King was not nearly as harrowing as his experience on Eros. And Bobbie sure dispatched that monster pretty quickly...

    Overall, I really enjoyed this, and the killer ending has me anxiously awaiting the next installment. But Leviathan Wakes had something extra.

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    Just finished it last night, loved it, looking forward to the next installment. But also agree with the general sentiment, Leviathan Wakes was better and the ending was a bit of a let down. Not he cliffhanger but the rescue.

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