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    Later this year, Dredd is coming out.

    Based, perhaps obviously, on world-famous British comic anthology 2000AD's regular and highly-popular Judge Dredd comics. Karl Urban of... uh... some fame is cast as Judge Dredd and lesser-known actress Olivia Thirlby is cast as Judge Anderson (a character who, like Dredd, has numerous solo stories).

    (Thirlby & Urban, and yes, I know Urban doesn't quite look right as Dredd in it)

    Anyway, decided to start this topic now as the marketing is starting to ramp up and I saw an image that I had to share, and you can find it here, on the 2000AD tumblr.

    I can't help but notice how small Anderson is next to Dredd.

    Really, really excited about this film. I cannot wait to see it!

    UPDATE (21/6/12): Full Length Trailer Now Online
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