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I'm not sure if I'm a perfectionist, a control freak, an OCD-ist, or just bleedin' annoying, but I wouldn't want to be my editor...!
Ummm, should I start praying you don't win?

By the way, for those of you who have been accepted (by your peers! bask in the glory), I'm tackling the final edit for some, and the first edit for the second batch, this coming week. For those of you who have received my edits and did not respond, I will simply accept all my edits without your approval (don't worry, I didn't change much). For those second batches, expect to see my revisions (that will need your approval or arguments against - don't worry, I'm a push over) sometime during the second week of October.

Anyway, did you all send me bios and story blurbs? I seem to only have a paltry few...

Sorry for posting this in the thread. I thought to send an email to you all but that seemed more cumbersome...for some reason. Plus, I kind of wanted to publicly shame a few into responding.