Okay, this isn't a piece of fiction I.D., it's a work of fantasy art. It was a painting put out very widely as a framed and poster print in the 1980's. It's called "The Citadel." I've had it forever, but I don't know who the artist is. The picture fits in a drawn circle. There's a blue colored (snow) mountain range in the background with a nighttime sky and a small orange moon, then a line of volcanic fire (with volcanic lava rocks in the bottom foreground.) A brown stone, fairy taleish castle with many turrets is perched on the back of a giant human figure made of stones on a green patch of ground. In the lower left corner, a red and blue winged dragon perches and spits a jet of flame toward the stone man hill. In style, it's a bit Whelan-like, but not necessarily his.

I've tried to do several Internet searches, but had no luck. If anyone knows whose picture it is, let me know.