Hi everyone,
I grew up and was influenced greatly by Star Wars (1977) and Dr. Who. I was fascinated by the concepts that were futuristic, and still today, I think sci-fi is our window towards the future. 30 years ago, we thought cell phones were unbelieveable. Now, everybody has one!

However, there is one thing that sci-fi lacks in, and it is this:

We see fast spaceships, time travel, high-tech medicine, etc. But, when conflict arises (as it must in order for a story to grab our attention), what is the response? Destroy!

And destruction/warfare is about as primitive as we can get.

Star Wars spoke of "the Force." It was wonderful! And Ben Kenobi gave his life willingly, and declared that he would "become more powerful than you can imagine." WOW! Cool!

But that was it. More recent episodes always boiled down to battles of armies against armies. Think: civil war, but in the year 4,000.

And as I see it, that is not sci-fi. Everything else in the show/movie might be super-advanced, but when it comes to conflict resolution? War!!

Imo, it's time for sci-fi to start to REALLY think futuristic. Develop futuristic ways of "defeating" the enemy. Conflict can be resolved in many exciting ways, without resorting to what primitive man has always used: destruction.

Anyone feel the same way?