I have to confess that certain console games call to me when I probably should hit the keyboard. Games can be great for inspiration and some of my friends even write storylines and dialogue for computer games - so good multi-tasking there - but most of the time they draw me in with the promise of blood and excitement.

My latest distraction: Left 4 Dead 2.

I love the Left 4 Dead series: especially the online multiplayer. In the game you play four strangers thrown together during a zombie apocalype. It is therefore genius on the part of the game designers that the online multiplayer actually throws you together with three other players that you do not now. It repreoduces the dynamic of the fictional situation perfectly. Just like in zombie movies and fiction, some players form fast friendships - rescuing each other and exchanging medical supplies, weapons etc. Other players just go mental and try and kill each other (just like the archetypal characters who go paranoid and lose their cool in the films). Absolutely brilliant.

What video games distract you? Any recommendations?