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You've tried it at the various open doors publishers have? Angry Robot have had a couple, and I think HarperVoyager, or someone like that, are having/about to have one. Most small presses are backed up for a couple of years, and even then you wouldn't expect them to sell more than 500 copies (and frequently considerably less). If you've not submitted to John Jarrold, I recommend trying. He's my agent, and he's always looking for new clients. He is very picky though.

Meanwhile, of course, it's time to get started on a new project.

As for letting a story go cheaply... Exposure is worth far more than the money you get paid. First, people start to recognise your name, then they start to remember it, then they start to look for it... And then they ask you if you'd like to send them something...
Unfortunately I had not completed my novel for the first open call for Angry Robot. Their scope of the second call meant I couldn't submit my novel. The details of the Harper Voyager open call are here and am considering it:

For reasons I won't go into here, I've been put off approaching John Jarrold.

You're right about starting a new project... I've already starting exploring new ideas by putting them into short stories. One of them turned into a real nice big surprise. But I do need to get the current short I'm writing to work in order to have enough for a follow-on novel... it's a case of seeing how it goes.

Good luck with the 2nd novella in your series.