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    Looking for some High/Epic fantasy book series, with a strong romance sub-plot.

    Hello everyone, recently I've been lurking these forums trying to find some good book series to start working my way through, and I've decided to make my own post to see if I can find some series with all (or at least, most of) my preferences.

    Now, bear with me, I'm not making this post without reading any of the post before me. I went to the handy-dandy search function and picked out several threads similar to mine, but sadly, there was only about 4-6 threads that had any relation to what I was looking for, and I would like some more reccomendations.

    That being said, here are my preferences:

    -Hopefully, I would like the novels to be part of a series, at least a trilogy. My reasoning behind this is because larger book series usually allow for much more in-depth plots, and I don't like when the characters I come to love only have one book to their name.

    -I really do want a strong romance, but I do NOT want it to be the focus-point of the book. I need a strong plot to go with the romance, or I feel like there isn't much point to keep reading if I'm not going anywhere with the story.

    -I'm a sucker for magic, the "chosen one" cliches, and all that. I've really enjoyed the series like Sword of Truth, Wheel of Time, Mistborn, etc etc (Except I felt like the romance in WoT was a bit lacking, it was good and all but I felt like it wasn't developed enough.)

    -Cliches are perfectly fine, I haven't read enough fantasy to be annoyed with them yet.

    -Explicit scenes are fine, I'm even of the opinion that they add some more depth to the story. However, not required at all.

    That's about it for now, I'll edit if I forgot a point that I wanted to add.

    It would be much appreciated if you would include a short summary and a x/10 rating.
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