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    1st-Person from protagonist AND antagonist?

    Can it be done effectively? I've been flirting a lot lately with first-person, much to your chagrin. Just curious what people thought. I like writing in both 3rd- and 1st-person, but for some reason lately I've really jumped into 1st-person. I think, at least for flash fiction and shorter stories, it really allows a character's personality to jump out. I'm messing with the idea of some longer fiction, but I'm not sure if I can make that work.


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    I've seen alternating first person viewpoints work very well. The trick is not to change from one character to the other so often that you end up with too many scenes described twice.

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    Also, remember that a change in POV is a tearing away of the reader from a character they've been intimate with. Not always welcomed. One of my old favorites, Julian May, did a great job in her Many Colored Land series, but kept the changes to their own chapters, and these chapters were reasonably long.


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