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    Okay, some of the younger characters do get tiresome, but you have to remember that they are young people in a crazy world, some of it is expected. Some of the acting isn't great and some of them look a little too perfect, but who doesn't appreciate having someone nice looking to look at? I guess I love post-apocalyptic stories too much to not give this one a good chance. The last episode fell a bit flat but i think the show has some good potential.

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    So far, I'm just interested enough to continue vieweing. However, if the story doesn't develop into something more than the rearrangement of set pieces soon, its going to be just too slow and too loose to keep my attention. I can live with a glacial pace in a novel (although not easily), but on the small screen I'll end up 'checking-out.'

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    I was just about to give up on this one completely when the last two episodes made the story very compelling. If you are a fan of Lost you will probably like where this series is going (Flashbacks to the 15 year period when the power went out to the present storyline). Some of the writing has been powerful though I still think the characters look a little too pretty.

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